A Noise Within Adds New Board Members

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By Brian Marks

A Noise Within, Pasadena’s source for quality repertory theatre, has voted to add two new members to its board of directors, Gail Samuel and Bill Bogaard.

Samuel is currently associated with that mighty neighboring arts institution, the Los Angeles Philharmonic. She has worked with the group for the past 25 years and currently serves as the Executive Director of the Los Angeles Philharmonic Association. Last year, Samuel also briefly served as the orchestra’s Acting President and Chief Executive Officer after the sudden departure of CEO Deborah Borda. The LA Phil’s recent seasons have seen an increased focus on works with theatrical elements, especially with the appointment of MacArthur Fellowship honoree Yuval Sharon, who’s productions have interrogated works of the classical repertory in radical ways. Samuel’s expertise with non-profit organizations may prove to be valuable to the theatre.

Bogaard will be well known to many of A Noise Within’s patrons as the longest serving mayor of Pasadena, a position he held from 1999 to 2015, but he’s been a patron of the theatre dating back to its roots in Glendale. While serving as Pasadena mayor, Bogaard and city officials searched for suitable locations for the fledgling theatre company and found a landowner willing to sell its current location in 2011.

“There isn’t a great city in the world that doesn’t have, among other assets, strong cultural resources that enrich the lives of their residents and attract tourists to come,” says Bogaard when reached over the phone. “Pasadena is blessed with a strong inventory of well-known arts and culture organizations and, from my point of view as mayor, when it comes to art, the more the merrier.”

Bogaard hopes his knowledge and connections to other arts organizations from his time in office will help to strengthen A Noise Within and foster future collaborations. Since his days studying Shakespeare as an undergraduate, Bogaard has been enamored of the theatre and its possibilities. Bogaard hopes that his status in the city will help him to urge its citizens to check out their local repertory theatre.

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Brian Marks

Brian Marks

Brian is an L.A.-based arts writer who hails from Indiana. In addition to theater, he regularly covers film, television, and music. His criticism and reporting have appeared in The Los Angeles Times, The Village Voice, and LA Weekly. Find him on Twitter @BrianMarks356.