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0 Comment / Sep 20, 2018

Stage Raw Announces its 2018 Theater Awards Recipients

A comprehensive list of the 2018 Stage Raw Award Winners.

0 Comment / Aug 21, 2018

LA STAGE: A Season of Silver Linings

LA STAGE Alliance is moving its headquarters, and with it comes other changes.

2 Comments / Aug 20, 2018

Cabaret Con-Sensual and Issues of Duality in the Quest for Queer Visibility

Cabaret Con-Sensual fosters diverse voices of survivors and more at their monthly show at Three Clubs....

1 Comment / Aug 08, 2018

Hershey Felder Brings the Maestro to Life in 'Beethoven'

A conversation with classical music & theatre artist, Hershey Felder.

0 Comment / Aug 07, 2018

AIDS and Los Angeles Theatre

Inside LA STAGE History. A look at LA theater's first look at AIDS in the 1980s.

2 Comments / Jul 23, 2018

Stage Raw Announces its 2018 Theater Awards Nominees

Nominees are announced for the 4th annual Stage Raw Awards.

1 Comment / Jul 11, 2018

Chappaquidick Redux: Peter Lefcourt and Terry Hanauer tell Mary Joe Kopechne’s Story

The lesser known story of Mary Joe Kopechne, told by theatre couple Peter Lefcourt and Terry Hanauer....

0 Comment / Jul 10, 2018

The Los Angeles Women’s Theatre Festival Celebrates 25 Years of Female Voices

The Los Angeles Women's Theatre Festival, and their enduring commitment to showcasing solo-women on the stage....

0 Comment / Jun 23, 2018

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