Ovation Nominee Profile:
Catherine Glover

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Catherine Glover is an Ovation Nominee for Costume Design – Intimate Theatre, for her work in WHO LIVES? with Renal Support Network.

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As an Ovation Award Nominee, LA Stage asked Catherine the following questions:

What was the moment that first inspired you to pursue working in the theatre?

There was never a precise moment when I was inspired to work in the theatre, but I have always loved clothes and made my own dresses as a teenager.  When I went to the theatre I loved the costumes and looked forward to costume changes throughout the production.  I would think to myself, “I could make that!”

As an actress myself, I soon realized how important well-fitted costumes were to one’s character and how they helped to communicate the correct era to the audience.  Over the last few years I just seem to have fallen into designing costumes for various shows.  The more challenging the project, the more excited I get!

What do you feel made the production you were nominated for particularly successful, either overall or for you specifically?

I feel that the success of “Who Lives” was due to the producer, Lori Hartwell, hiring a fantastic cast and production team.  It was Lori’s vision to present to the general public the trials and tribulations that people with chronic kidney disease went through before dialysis was available to everyone.  Thanks to the superb efforts of cast and crew her dream became a highly successful reality!

Personally, I attribute my success with this play to Joe Ochman, the producer, who gave me a precise description of the look that he wanted for each actor.  The play was set in the early 1960’s, so it was Joe’s idea to present it in black and white as if it was being viewed on television.  It was a pleasure to work with each member of the cast to help bring out their character’s personality with their clothing.

What project or projects are you currently working on?

I am currently working on my annual “Nutcracker” project.  This is the third year of volunteering my services to this school production.  This year I am creating new soldiers’ costumes for the kids.  Last year I designed a harlequin tutu for one of the principal dancers.

What do you love most about theatre in Los Angeles?

L.A. offers a full spectrum of theatre experience.  You can go to the theatre every night for a year and see something totally different each night.

What’s your dream project?

I would love to be the costume designer on a play or movie which takes place in the 1930’s or 40’s as I love the clothing of those periods.  People were so well dressed then and women’s fashions in particular offer so many creative opportunities!

Biography: Costume Designer Catherine Glover started her career long ago as a small child, making clothes for her dolls.  She fashioned her first article of clothing in 6th grade, going on to take Dressmaking from 7th – 12th grades.

Catherine also started her interest with theatre as a teenager as an actress, but found herself most interested in the costumes.  She found she had a talent for recreating clothes she saw in pictures and magazines.

Catherine started her professional career as a Costume Designer in 1989 when she designed and crafted costumes and wardrobe for the St. Gabriel Civic Theatre’s production of “Kiss Me Kate”.  Catherine previously worked for “Starmakers” in Pasadena, CA for several years designing and crafting costumes for the theatre and costume shop, meanwhile she continued to practice her craft by sewing Halloween costumes for her family.

Catherine has always been a fashion enthusiast; her personal wardrobe contains many vintage dresses from the 40’s and 50’s that she has collected over the past 12 years.

Most recently, Catherine designed and crafted ballet dresses for a local production of “The Nutcracker”.

As a long time friend of the Renal Support Network (RSN) and its President and Founder, Lori Hartwell, Catherine was honored to be the Costume Designer for RSN’s production of “Who Lives?” in 2009.

Catherine commented, “I had fun gathering the 60’s clothing to make ‘Who Lives?’ come to life!”

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Doug Clayton

Doug Clayton