Black Piet. Old Man Stereotypes Just Keep Rollin’ Along...

Kitty Felde's play, "The Luckiest Girl," tackles offensive stereotypes. But finding an actor to play...

0 Comment / Oct 05, 2015

Carrie Inhabits a Broadway Palace

La Mirada's immersive production moves to the Los Angeles Theatre.

0 Comment / Oct 02, 2015

This Week in L.A. Theatre

LA STAGE Insider. A weekly news column on all things L.A. theatre, from Julio Martinez.

0 Comment / Oct 01, 2015

Consent is Sexy: How Drunk Girl Confronts Rape Culture Onstage at Casa 0101

How Josefina López's new play is using compassion, humor, and understanding to confront sexual abuse....

0 Comment / Sep 30, 2015

Disability in Theater: What’s Taking So Long?

Recent advances towards visibility onstage for actors with disabilities.

4 Comments / Sep 29, 2015

What the Moment of 'Theatre Magic' in Chinglish Felt Like, From An Actor's Perspective

A response to Hayley Huntley's latest column, from an actor in Chinglish.

1 Comment / Sep 25, 2015


The Subtext. Episode 4: Luis Alfaro

A podcast where playwrights talk to playwrights about the things usually left unsaid.

0 Comment / Sep 14, 2015

Classical Gas. A Road Trip to San Francisco &
A Vision for What’s Possible

Change, survival, and the hypnotizing aspects of reality — in the theatre, in the woods, and elsewhere....

2 Comments / Sep 08, 2015

Inside LA STAGE History: The Majestic/Mayfair Music Hall

When the Majestic officially opened in 1911, it was the most modern legitimate theater operating in LA.

4 Comments / Sep 01, 2015