Not Laughing My Osoff: How Can Our Theater Function in Contentious Times? From Special Elections to Julius Caesar to the Hollywood Fringe

"If, as a culture, we’re incapable of speaking without barking, what is the role of art in such an acrimonious...

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This Week in LA Theatre

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This Week: Too Many Hitlers, an Egyptian Tomb, and Chemo Barbie

A weekly report on all things Hollywood Fringe Festival.

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Memorial to be Held for Circle X Designer Gary Smoot

"Long-time collaborator Armenante had this to say about Smoot: 'Gary Smoot was a rare combination of amazing...

1 Comment / Jun 16, 2017

Tchaikovsky in Dance, American Contemporary Ballet

"To show their kinship in a new light, Jones is turning back the clock on 'Swan Lake', “Sleeping Beauty”,...

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This Week in LA Theatre

LA STAGE Insider. A weekly news column on all things L.A. theatre, from Julio Martinez.

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Shakespeare’s Shylock for the Age of Trump

"Veteran thesp Alan Blumenfeld, who plays Shylock, added: 'At a time of rising anti-Semitism, when hate...

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Latino Theater Company to Unveil ‘Lupe Ontiveros Theatre’ at the LATC

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A Facebook Campaign Pitch Goes Haywire: The Contents and Discontents of Marketing

"Almost as surreal as witnessing the nightmare of Dan’s stroke was seeing my own description of that...

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This Week: Post-Modern Decreation Myth, Dorothy Parker, and a Werewolf Motorcycle Gang

A weekly report on all things Hollywood Fringe Festival.

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The Subtext. Episode 24: Dan O'Brien

A podcast where playwrights talk to playwrights about the things usually left unsaid.

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Inside LA STAGE History: Edwin Booth and Child's Grand Opera House

By February 1887, Edwin Booth was the most acclaimed actor in the United States, selling out houses wherever...

2 Comments / Feb 28, 2017