Wallet-Free Weekend: LA’s No-Cost Culture Guide

No cash to enjoy the arts this weekend? No problem.

0 Comment / Aug 26, 2015

THE ARTS FIX. Diversity, a Pie Chart and Eat Me (the Film)

Five small bits for your L.A. arts fix.

0 Comment / Aug 25, 2015

Saluting What's Horrible, in Assassins at Pico Playhouse

A cast member of Assassins talks about identifying with the bad guys.

1 Comment / Aug 24, 2015

Caring, All the Sudden, in Failure: A Love Story

A series about what sticks with us long after the curtain closes, by Hayley Huntley.

0 Comment / Aug 21, 2015

This Week in L.A. Theatre

LA STAGE Insider. A weekly news column on all things L.A. theatre, from Julio Martinez.

0 Comment / Aug 20, 2015

Where Science, Faith, and Scripts Intersect: Unearthing the Story of And The Stones Will Cry Out

A show oncerning faith, a belief in God, the duties of science, and the true value of skepticism.

0 Comment / Aug 19, 2015


The Subtext. Episode 3: Jennifer Haley

A podcast where playwrights talk to playwrights about the things usually left unsaid.

0 Comment / Aug 10, 2015

Inside LA STAGE History: Paul Kent & The Melrose Theater

In the early 1960s, enthusiastic young thesp David Galligan is primed to make his mark in tinseltown...

0 Comment / Aug 04, 2015

On the Purity of Voices:
The Difference Between Sound and Noise

"Both the press and the theater are in crisis. They probably always were..."

3 Comments / Aug 03, 2015