LA STAGE Chat: Crisis Engagement

Our first LA STAGE Chat guest host, Matt Lehrman, Founder of Social Prosperity Partners discusses Crisis Engagement and the 12 Tasks to Sustain Donors in Turbulent Times.

LA STAGE Chat: Values Based Strategic Planning

Michaela Bulkley, our Director of Programs and Development, guides both individuals and organizations in identifying goals and discussing how to stay flexible in achieving them as times are changing.

An Interview with CTG’s Sherwood Award Winner, Mat Diafos Sweeney

“I think LA theatre is at its best when it’s reaching across forms and reinventing its relationship to a live audience, and at its worst when it’s trying to fit an existing mold or production model that made sense in New York a century ago. LA is the future- our garden is wilder, vaster, and more diverse so it should be tended differently.”

LA STAGE Chat: Social Media

Courtney Clark, Deputy Director of Communications and Educational Programs, lays the foundation of social media usage.