This Week in LA Theatre

Los Angeles theatre moves fast, but Julio Martinez moves faster. Check out what’s going on This Week in LA theatre.

The Future of Comedy

“What we find “funny” is inextricably linked to our political position in this world. Different people have lived through different experiences that have shaped the person that they are…Good comedy swings up at institutions of power, not down at the oppressed.”

This Week in LA Theatre

Bringing you his latest installment of LA STAGE Insider, Julio Martinez keeps you up-to-date on what’s happening this week in LA theatre.

Non-binary in theory, cis-binary in practice

“Diversity is ineffective if we’re not also practicing inclusion. It’s like sending us in to the lions pit in the name of representation. If you want to attract non-binary people to your company or organization, you have to be diligently practicing inclusion. And inclusion means not only recognizing people’s differences but actually incorporating them.”