Dan Dietz Matches <i>American Misfit</i>s With Rockabilly

Dan Dietz was born in Los Angeles County but spent most of his life in Ohio, Georgia, Texas and Florida before returning to LA to write for a TV series — and to see his American Misfit, his rockabilly-infused play about America’s post-Revolution revolutions, open at Boston Court. READ MORE

Finney, Farley Explore a Solo <i>Heart of Darkness</i>

When Brian Finney saw a light bulb in a Butoh performance in Australia, a mental light bulb switched on in his head — of course, why not perform Conrad’s Heart of Darkness as a solo show? Finney, director Keythe Farley and Actors’ Gang artistic director Tim Robbins explain it all for you. READ MORE

Haley and Cast Enter the Darker Corners of <i>The Nether</i>

Jennifer Haley’s play The Nether explores a blurring of reality and virtual reality in the future. She discusses that subject with two of the actors in the play’s premiere at the Kirk Douglas Theatre — Jeanne Syquia, who plays a detective investigating virtual crimes, and 14-year-old Brighid Fleming, who plays a virtual character. READ MORE

Rogue Artists Discover What’s Sexy for<i> Songs of Bilitis</i>

Rogue Artists Ensemble ventures into erotica with Songs of Bilitis, adapted by Katie Polebaum from the 1894 writings of Pierre Louÿs, who initially claimed that these were ancient Greek texts. Defining “sexy” was “a huge question,” says associate artistic director John Nobori, who discusses Bilitis with Polebaum and artistic director Sean Cawelti. READ MORE

The Grass Is Always Bluer in <i>Paradise</i>

An economically strapped town decides to become a reality TV site in Paradise, a new bluegrass musical by Cliff Wagner, Bill Robertson and Tom Sage. Wagner, a reality TV veteran from the Old #7 band, and director Dan Bonnell hope that it’s funny and provocative. It opens Friday at Ruskin Group Theatre. READ MORE

Actor/Writer Keller Plays a Writer in <i>Seminar</i>

Greg Keller didn’t have to do a lot of extra research to play the role of a young writer in Theresa Rebeck’s Seminar, opening tonight at the Ahmanson. He’s a young writer himself, as well as an actor. He discusses the pros and cons of doing both, and how it can be difficult to balance both at the same time. READ MORE

Taper’s <i>November</i> Brings Begley Back to Mamet

Ed Begley Jr. and David Mamet aren’t necessarily on the same page in their personal political perspectives, but they are on the same stage, more or less, in Mamet’s 2008 political comedy about a presidential election, November, which opens Sunday at the Mark Taper Forum. Begley plays a beleaguered president on the edge of being voted out of office. READ MORE