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Photo by Peter Konerko

All Photos by Peter Konerko for @ This Stage Magazine

What energizes you as an artist?

Being cast in a play, a teleplay or a film, particularly, if it is a well written script with a great message is a great energizer, not to mention a role to die for. The applause, accolades, the kudos, they all are energizers for an actor. Being able to touch or tug the audience’s heart is the crowning glory of an energizer for the performers in a play. 

What’s been inspiring you lately?

I won’t go any farther than the playwright of As Straw Before the Wind, Felix Racelis himself, to name him as my awe inspiring person nowadays, for his tenacity to finally mount his play on stage after so many years of writing and re-writing the script, having it read and re-read, without ever giving up, just to achieve his goal. Reminiscent of Rocky. Not in magnitude, perhaps, but in endurance.

“If I wasn’t an artist…”

I would probably be a paralegal or a lawyer. Then again, I may just be a lab technician in a clinical laboratory, because I have some units in chemistry. There is a saying, “Once an actor, always an actor.” (Truth? I just coined that, now! Which means, I won’t allow any fat lady to sing in my ‘opera’ of a thespian’s life and times!)

“As a child, I was…”

I was a “precocious” child, fresh from WWII. I was ‘exiled’ to an all-boys school, a hundred kilometers away from home, run by the Jesuits. The curricula was heavy in literature, the five Greek tragedies, Shakespeare and a yearly dose of dramatic presentations. I guess that is where acting bit me the first time.

Who are your artist allies?

Domingo Albert Magwili, Dulce Capadocia, Ed Remolete, Ted Benito, Felix Racelis, Lesley Asistio, Tita Pambid, Ruben Domingo, East West Players, Manila Actors’ Studio and Silayan Dance Company.

Photo by Peter KonerkoWho are your artistic heroes?

Fr. James B. Reuter, SJ, (Mentor), Shakespeare, Samuel Beckett, Paddy Chayefsky, Joseph Conrad, Marlon Brando, Anthony Quinn, Anthony Hopkins and a few more.

What’s your favorite (or go-to) LA “spot?”

Barnes and Noble at the Grove or the LA Library, not necessarily in that order, to pour on books about drama, acting techniques, films and subjects related to performing arts.

Okay. Define art. Go!

Art is the discovery of one reality and the creation of a totally new reality from the original one, replete with truth, beauty and dimension of its own.

What are you currently working on?

I am currently playing the role, Poncing, in the play As Straw Before the Wind, written by Felix Racelis and directed by Lesly Asistio. It will be premiered on August 13th at the Ruby Theatre at the Complex in Hollywood.

What’s your creative goal for the next year?

Dust off a couple of my unfinished scripts on the shelf and complete writing them for a possible filming and mounting on stage, respectively.  At the same time, audition more frequently.



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