LARAINE NEWMAN // artist profile
Photo by Peter Konerko

All Photos by Peter Konerko for @ This Stage Magazine

What energizes you as an artist?

SF Sketchfest. It’s an alternative comedy festival. I’m on the Board and have been performing there for the last six years. It exposes me to all the new comedians, shows and groups coming up. I find it so inspiring.
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What’s been inspiring you lately?

Some of the new TV shows, like Broad City or Inside Amy Schumer.

“If I wasn’t an artist…”

I’d be a musician. 10,000 hours. Yikes!

“As a child, I was…”

Passionate, angry and curious. My parents called me Sarah Heartburn.

Who are your artist allies?

The Groundlings, Sketchfest, Westside Comedy Theatre, Tasty Words, Charlotte’s Shorts, Celebrity Autobiography. Some of these are shows I go and see and am completely inspired by. Others I perform in and always find new ways to stretch and explore.

Photo by Peter KonerkoWho are your artistic heroes?

Richard Pryor, Eve Arden and Skrillex.

What’s your favorite (or go-to) LA “spot?”

My couch.

Okay. Define art. Go!

A guy wearing a beret, working at his easel, holding a palate, and he has a big curly mustache.

What are you currently working on?

3 Netflix series. Dawn of The Croods, Puss In Boots and Troll Hunter, which is a Guillermo Del Toro show. I’ll also be appearing in Charlotte’s Shorts at the Actor’s Company Let Live Theatre as part of the Hollywood Fringe Festival this June.

What’s your creative goal for the next year?

I’ve written a show about auditions and I’m hoping to have it ready to perform in August.


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