ALEJANDRO FURTH // artist profile
Photo by Peter Konerko

All Photos by Peter Konerko for @ This Stage Magazine

What energizes you as an artist?

Art itself, I think… or my definition of what art is, I should say. The thrill to create, to carve a life, a story. To make a script work. To dive into it and travel its streets, allies, back roads, bridges, all the way to the center of town where the heart/truth of it lives.

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What’s been inspiring you lately?

Last year I traveled to Argentina, where my father lives, for the opening of his FIRST art exhibit. My father is 85 years old. He’s had three more since.

“If I wasn’t an artist…”

If I could figure that out, I think that is what I would be doing. I just don’t know what it is.

“As a child, I was…”

A pain in the ass! I’m not sure if my parents ever approved of me being an actor or that they were just happy that I had found a path out of trouble. But, I have to say that growing up in Venezuela, a lawless town, was pure adrenaline. I had heaven and hell at my disposal… or at my reach, I should say. I dove into both and those stories still fuel my creativity. And the friendships from that time still fill my life.

Who are your artist allies?

I’ve always believed that people succeed in groups. Mine is an amazing group of Venezuelan artists who fuel and challenge my creativity constantly. My last few great projects come from there. Ay, Carmela is a great example of it. I won’t say that 100% of my eggs are in that basket, but most of them are. These people are my family, my friends and my co-workers.

Photo by Peter KonerkoWho are your artistic heroes?

The journeyman artist is my hero. The one that keeps holding on even when he/she wants to quit. The actress I currently share the stage with, Eloisa Maturen, recently said in an interview: “life is for the brave”… I love that. So true. And sticking to what you love, is brave.

What’s your favorite (or go-to) LA “spot?”

Sunday volleyball in Santa Monica!

Okay. Define art. Go!

To create. To express oneself. To educate. To entertain. To motivate. Art is your particular way to talk to the world.

What are you currently working on?

Until December 13, I will be performing in Ay, Carmela. After that, I hope to finish a script I’ve been working on for too long now.

What’s your creative goal for the next year?

My goal has always been to keep working. Lately it has changed a little, but not much… to keep working in projects that mean something to me. And the ultimate goal… to only do the projects of my choosing.