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About @ This Stage

@ This Stage is a Los Angeles arts and culture magazine with a particular focus on theatre and the performing arts.

We believe in showcasing innovation, risk-taking, and LA-bred creative work. We also believe in creativity born from cross-pollination of disciplines, and that art grows stronger, more complex and substantial, when imbued with, or referenced with, or simply just aware of other art.

On this new platform, you’ll see long-form and short-form journalism; you’ll find show coverage and news items, podcasts and lists. You’ll get videos, galleries, and artist profiles. Some will be challenging, some will be entertaining, all will showcase the variety of work that performing artists are creating in this city.

On @ This Stage, we ask the question, “Why is it important to do this show right now?” quite frequently. We’re much more interested in the What/Why than the Where/When, and the Where are we going? rather than the What’s happening?

We also believe in both spellings of “theatre”/”theater.” To each his own, we say.

This publication is made possible, in part, by support from Bill Bordy, Publisher/Founder of Drama-Logue, 1968-1998, as a tribute to the legacy of Lee Melville, Co-Founder of LA STAGE Magazine and Editor-in-Chief of Drama-Logue for 15 years, and Polly Warfield, Theatre Editor of Drama-Logue, 15 years, as well as Lars Hansen, Co-Founder of LA STAGE Magazine, Managing Director of the Pasadena Playhouse, and Executive Director of Theatre LA.

To find out more about the history of Drama-Logue and LA theatre, read Julio Martinez’s Inside LA STAGE History column.

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