LA STAGE Chat: What’s Our Brand? (Leadership)

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On Wednesday, May 6th at 2pm, Michaela Bulkley, our Director of Programs and Development, hosted an LA STAGE Chat discussing the leadership side of our 2-part series “What’s Our Brand?” In this webinar, Michaela will show how to understand your “brand” through your values, goals, and mission.

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LA STAGE Chat: Crisis Engagement

Our first LA STAGE Chat guest host, Matt Lehrman, Founder of Social Prosperity Partners discusses Crisis Engagement and the 12 Tasks to Sustain Donors in Turbulent Times.

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Michaela Bulkley

Michaela Bulkley

Michaela is unapologetically passionate about building the performing arts community and culture to be more sustainable. Her BA in Theatre Producing, Masters in Nonprofit Management, and experience in marketing and arts management, all perfectly align in her dream job of working at LA STAGE Alliance. To learn more about her adventures in arts admin follower her on Instagram: @michaela.bulkley