LA STAGE Chat: Building a strong digital foundation

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On Wednesday, March 25th at 2pm, Mark Doerr, our Director of Information Technology, hosted an LA STAGE Chat discussing how to build a strong digital foundation. Linked below is the conversation and PDF.

LA STAGE Chat: Strengthen Your Digital Platform.pdf

Mark Doerr

Mark Doerr

Mark is an actor, entrepreneur, foodie and golfer. In that order. Mark came to Los Angeles in 1994 when he co-founded the Oasis Theater Company where he worked as an actor, writer, director and producer. He is a member of The Antaeus Company and Theatre Movement Bazaar while working extensively as an actor throughout Los Angeles. Originally from Detroit, Mark is a graduate of The Juilliard School and has studied Shakespeare in Oxford, Chekov in Moscow, and musical theatre in Ann Arbor (#GoBlue). To keep a roof over his head, Mark has worked as a technology consultant to numerous startup businesses for more than two decades. In various roles he has been responsible for designing and creating CRM databases, building out network infrastructure and providing ongoing operational support, among other things. In 1998 he co-founded Marksmen, a private investigations firm, in a bedroom in Pasadena with two friends. With a hand in everything from technology and HR, to operations and sales, Mark helped steer the company to its present position as a worldwide leader in IP investigations, acquisitions, and brand monitoring.