On The Fringe

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Written By Julio Martinez

  • Every Monday at The Three Clubs is Open Mic night forr HFF participants and friends, with featured artists including Ben Leasure, Caty Crone, Fin, Dana Varon, and Heather Nectoe! Hosted by Francis Wolf (Clone Wolves). Open Mic sign-up is at 7:15 each Monday night, June 10, 17, 24.


  • Writer/director Thomas J Wortham is presenting An American Video Store, a nostalgic trip down memory lane, providing an intimate tale of clerks and customers, examining the rise and fall of what was a cultural phenomenon that defined a generation. Featuring a seven-member ensemble, plays June 9, 15, 23, 26, 29 at Stephanie Feury Studio Theatre.


  • Supportive White Parents, when an Asian girl tells her parents she doesn’t want to be a doctor anymore, she wishes on a shooting star for supportive white parents, created by Joy Regullano (book And lyrics) and The Sam & Tony Show (music). Directed by Frank Caeti, choreographed by Ally Vega, music direction by Tony Gonzalez. Cast features Earl Baylon, Gina D’Acciaro, Scott Palmason, Joy Regullano, Gregory Lawrence Smith Esq., G. Töngi and Joan Almedilla. Plays 16, 26, 28, 30 at The Broadwater Second Stage.
  • Stranger Things 2: The Musical Tribute, the sequel to the live show that had a sold-out run at the El Cid theater, co-written by Conor Henry and Lee Huff, directed and choreographed by Angela Todaro featuring an ensemble cast playing a total of 21 characters. Plays June 14, 15, 22, 28 at The Broadwater Black Box.


  • Adapted from Sacred Fools Theatre’s late night episodic show, “Serial Killers,” Aaron Francis is premiering Journey, focusing on a couple of scientists on their way to a distant world, who must overcome their hatred of each other when an emergency pops up. The cast consists of Amir Talai, Carrie Keranen and Bridget Murray. Plays June 6, 14, 21, 29, 30 at The Broadwater.
  • Joe Orton’s The Ruffian On The Stair, set in 1964 London, a madcap, dangerous evening of naughty mayhem, directed by Mark Kemble. Stars Sile Bermingham, Reed Michael Campbell, and Brian Foyster. Plays June 13, 21, 22 at Los Aneles LGBT Center.
  • The premiere Wigfield, adopted from the book by Pamela Eberhardt, threatened by the destruction of their town, the citizens must prove to the government they are a town worth saving. Features a ten-member ensemble, directed by Arlo Sanders. Plays June 21, 22, 23, 28, 29, 30 at Hudson Backstage Theatre.
  • The premiere of Lear/Loman has Willy Loman crashing into King Lear’s tattered home in Purgatory, where they examine the harsh realities of their lives. Features Leon Russom (Lear) and Bruno Oliver (Loman), supported by Heather Roberts, Reuben Uv, Tim Kopacz, Sarah Schulte and Lauren Dewey, directed by Scott Leggett.  Plays June 15, 20, 22, 23 at Broadwater Main Stage.


  • Five Pieces of Paper, written and performed by Moti Buchboot, created in response to the 2017 Charlottesville riots at the University of Virginia, the grandson of a Holocaust survivor reveals lessons learned from his Hungarian grandmother who survived the Holocaust. Plays June 10, 18, 25, 27 ay the Los Angeles LGBT Center.
  • Hollywood Fringe veteran Kelly Coughlin’s premiere solo outing, What Am I Even Doing?, written and performed by Coughlin, takes a comedic approach to looking at the very relatable existential crisis of what we’re doing with our lives. Plays June 23 and 25 at Studio/stage.
  • Actor/singer-songwriter Michael Delara’s Living Between The LinesWhen Every Tribe Isn’t Your Tribe, re-telling the stories of four individual days during the years between 1990-1999, Michael takes you on a journey of discovering his point of view of life, sexuality, politics, relationships, and love. Plays June 19, 26, 29 at Theatre of Note Mainstage.


  • If We Run, written by Matt Morillo, focuses on Brian and Rachel, a once perfect couple who have now moved on, meeting for old times sake for a final night together. Stars Rachel Oliver and Dingani Beza, directed by Emily Lappi.
Julio Martinez

Julio Martinez

Julio pens the weekly LA STAGE Insider column for @ This Stage Magazine, as well as the monthly LA STAGE History column. He is a recurring contributor to Written By (the monthly publication of the Writer’s Guild of America) and is the TeleVision columnist for Latin Heat Entertainment. On air, he hosts the weekly Arts in Review program for KPFK 90.7 FM. An active journalist for over 30 years, Julio’s articles and reviews have appeared in Los Angeles Times Magazine, Daily Variety, The Hollywood Reporter, L.A. Weekly, Stage Raw, Backstage West, Westways Magazine, and Drama-Logue Magazine, among others.