Hollywood Fringe 2018 Kicks Off

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By Julio Martinez


  • Bloodbound, written by L.A.-based Michael Kearns and directed by Mark Bringelson, tracks the lives of “misfit sibling determinedly cementing their love in spite of the gnarled realities they cannot avoid confronting.” The four-man ensemble features Gordon Thomson, Adam Carrington, Mathew Dunlop, and Josh Allen Goldman. Opens May 31 at 2nd Stage Theatre.
  • Fearless Imp Entertainment is offering The Importance Of Being Oscar, following legendary playwright and poet Oscar Wilde through the last years of his life. Written by Brandie June, directed by Matthew Martin, and featuring Richard Lucas, Cyanne McClairian, and Patrick Censoplano. Opens Jun 4 at Asylum Studio C.
  • Theatre Unleashed presents the premiere of Met Again by Jacob Smith, exploring “the entirety of a unique but familiar relationship and how those big and small moments, connections, talks, fights, celebrations, and experiences all come to mean something more.” Directed by Sean Fitzgerald; stars Michael Lutheran and Julia Plostnieks. Opens Jun 3 at studio/stage.


  • The Happy/Sad Artist Collective announces the world premiere of Brittany Stahl’s one-woman show, Love After Death. What originally began as an exploration of the fear of falling in love emerged as a series of character sketches for anyone who has ever had a faulty defense mechanism. Opens May 31 at Studio/Stage in Koreatown.
  • Having made its debut at the 2016 L.A. Women’s Theater Festival, Ai Yoshihara’s solo show, My Own Private River Phoenix, is moving to HFF18, chronicling her journey from Japan to America to meet—and marry—her celebrity crush. Directed by Jessica Lynn Johnson. Opens Jun 1 at Asylum Studio C.
  • Cooper Bates presents Black When I was a Boy, his autobiographical recollection of the inner life of his younger self, the only black child in a small Caucasian community in Kansas. Growing up there, he never saw himself as black until he was cast as ‘Nigger Jim’ in his school’s production of Huckleberry Finn in the 6th grade. Opens Jun 2 at Asylum Studio C.
  • HFF18 is offering the L.A. debut of You in Midair: Elegy For a Daughter, written and performed by Danna Shaeffer, directed by Julie Akers. In 1989, the emerging Hollywood career of actress Rebecca Schaeffer was cut tragically short when she was murdered by an obsessed fan. This is her mother’s story. Opens Jun 3 at The Lounge.
  • Three-time Fringe Fringe veteran Christopher Piehler’s new solo show, Sink or Swim, directed by John McCrite, focuses on his inspiring (and absurd) journey to finally learn how to swim at age 45, after the sudden death of his father. Opens Jun 3 at Asylum Studio C.
  • Rob Bruner’s one-man show, Nephew of the Universe, directed by Jessica Lynn Johnson, journeys through Bruner’s twenty years in an eastern meditation group in Queens, New York, and includes his secret ambition to be a famous rock star like his disciple buddy, rock legend Carlos Santana. Opens Jun 7 at The Lounge Theatre (Lounge 2).


  • Psychodelicate and her Psychedelic Clown Jam Band, the In Toxic Ants, present the Magical Mystery Comedy Show, an immersive, existential, variety show, interspersed with  Psychodelicate’s “lessons from her travels through the multiverse.” Co-directed by Alayha Aquarian and Jessica Lynn Johnson, featuring a 22-member ensemble. Opens May 31 at Asylum Studio C.
  • In the audience-interactive Night of the Rootbeer, written by Michael Shaw Fisher and Ben Moroski, and directed by J.J. Mayes, 20 “really close friends meet up at a familiar, decently priced pizza parlor called The Firehouse where some serious drama unfolds…or doesn’t.” Opens Jun 2 at Three Clubs Stage Room.


Writer/performer Debrianna Mansini discusses her one-woman show, The Meatball Chronicles, directed by Tanya Taylor Rubinstein. Opens Jun 2 at Broadwater (Second Stage).

Julio Martinez hosts Arts in Review—celebrating the best in theater and cabaret in the Greater Los Angeles area—airing Fridays (2-2:30 pm) on KPFK (90.7FM).

Julio Martinez

Julio Martinez

Julio pens the weekly LA STAGE Insider column for @ This Stage Magazine, as well as the monthly LA STAGE History column. He is a recurring contributor to Written By (the monthly publication of the Writer’s Guild of America) and is the TeleVision columnist for Latin Heat Entertainment. On air, he hosts the weekly Arts in Review program for KPFK 90.7 FM. An active journalist for over 30 years, Julio’s articles and reviews have appeared in Los Angeles Times Magazine, Daily Variety, The Hollywood Reporter, L.A. Weekly, Stage Raw, Backstage West, Westways Magazine, and Drama-Logue Magazine, among others.