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[GALLERY] Ojai Playwrights Conference 2016

2016 Intern Ashley Sengstaken performs a monologue she wrote especially for the Intern Show
Director Robert Egan in rehearsal for Vicuña
Liesel Allen-Yeager, cast member of Vicuña
 Barry Bostwick and Brian George, cast members of Jon Robin Baitz's Vicuña
Aubrey Dollar and John Apicella, cast members of The Cake
Betty Gabriel, cast member of The Cake
Stage Manager Mary K. Klinger gives line revisions to the cast of Bekah Brunstetter's The Cake
Casey Stangl (Director, The Cake) in table work
Writer-in-Residence and Associate Youth Director Nick Gandiello
Playwright Aziza Barnes connecting with the 2016 Interns
Youth Workshop Director Kim Maxwell
Intern Noah Lashly talks with Playwright Aziza Barnes
Sasha Emerson talks with a 2016 Intern about her performance
2016 Intern Halley Platz after the Intern Show
2016 Intern Abel Gonzalez performing a monologue he wrote during Week 1 of the Conference
2016 Intern Morgan Flannery performing a monologue she wrote during Week 1 of the Conference
 2016 Intern Noah Lashly performing a monologue he wrote during Week 1 of the Conference
Intern Workshop Director Alice Tuan introduces the 2016 Intern Show
Robert Egan introduces the 2016 Intern Show
2016 Intern Haskell Flender rehearsing to perform a monologue written during Week 1 of the Conference
 Michelle Joyner helps Asa Learmonth prepare for his Intern Show monologue performance
Director Joshua Brody (On The Exhale) and Directing Associate Kristen Osborn
John Apicella (Actor, The Cake) and Ron Lagomarsino (Director, Our Father) at lunch outside the cafeteria
Robert Egan (R) with an OPC Alum
Aziza Barnes reads her poetry; her play BLKS will have its public presentation Saturday Aug 13th at 1:00pm
Kristina Wong performs an excerpt from her show Wong Street Journal
Robert Egan, 2016 Playwrights, and Playwright Alums kick off Across the Divide
Kudzai Sevenzo, who came to OPC through Danai Gurira's Almasi Arts Alliance, shares stories of her native Zimbabwe
David Jacobi reads an open letter to OPC
Robert Askins (Hand to God) shows us the way
Robert Askins and the 2016 Interns perform Like A Prayer
Judy Ovitz and guests enjoy dinner on the lawn


All photos courtesy of Ojai Playwrights Conference/Jacob Sidney.

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