What’s in a Name? 7 Fringe Show Titles That Make Us Say, “Wait, What?!”

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The Hollywood Fringe Festival hosts a huge variety of different types of performances each year — solo shows, parodies, new musicals, cabaret and more — but sometimes, what really sticks out are the… colorful (is that the word? we aren’t really sure) production titles. And oh boy have there been a few fun ones this year.

Here’s a few of our favorites Fringe show titles, along with the production descriptions. Have at ’em, and enjoy the Fringe!

1. TITS! Thanksgiving Is A Tradition Of Sin


Playwright Mark Anthony Smith, brings us TITS! In the spirit of Moliere, TITS! is here to challenge religious and social beliefs and hypocrisy. Edgy, raunchy, hilarious and down-right offensive. Rhyming, Music, Drunkenness, Denial and so much more!

June 19 & 23

2. 30JJ OR BUST: The World is My Underwire


It’s surprisingly what comes up when you’re living as a 30-double-J in a 34-C world.

June 16, 18 & 25

3. Porno Dido


What happens to a dream deferred? How far would you go to bring your artistic vision to life? Sex, violence and a mysterious backer derail one transman’s desperate attempt to remake Dido of Carthage. An absurd look into compromise when art and commerce collide. Partial Nudity. Sexual themes. Comedy.

June 18, 24 & 26

4. A Whole Newd World-Cherry Tales at The Knock Shop


Once Upon a Time…Little Rojo, whislt running away from the Big Bad Wolf stumbles upon The Knock Shop. With the help of Madame Maleficience, Poca-hot-ass, Tinker Twat, Evil Yaaaaas Queen and more, Little Rojo learns about A Whole NEWD World and what it could do for her and YOU!

June 15, 17 & 22

5. Thug Tunnel


The Ancient Fire of Death and Despair has forced humans underground, and a tyrannical society has formed in the sewer. Nobody dares defy the leaders of THUG TUNNEL, until one girl escapes, determined to to survive on The Surface. An epic original musical comedy from the creators of TIMEHEART.

June 17, 18, 19 & 20

6. Shitty Awful Everything

shitty awful

When a total schmuck finds himself diagnosed with cancer, things only go from bad to worse in this brand new dark comedy from some dudes you never heard of. It’s surreal! It’s absurd! It’s low budget! It’s the fringiest Fringe show that’s ever fringed!

June 18, 21 & 23



Haunted by a mysterious song, an average young man takes you on a journey through his life but on a particularly strange day where he will do anything it takes to rid himself of the ghosts that plague him. Will he escape? Or will he be trapped in HIPPOPOTAMOIDEA!!!

June 24 & 26

Mandi Moss

Mandi Moss

Mandi's been acting, producing, scenic painting, costume designing and directing in Los Angeles since the early 2000's with a particular interest in new works and creative storytelling. She’s a former member of Theatre of NOTE and a current member of Sacred Fools Theater Company. She’s also a proud professional clown and the Managing Editor of @ This Stage.