Actors’ Equity Association & Plaintiffs in Asner vs. Actors’ Equity Litigation Continue Talks

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LOS ANGELES — Actors’ Equity Association and the plaintiffs in the Asner vs. Actors’ Equity litigation announced today that they commenced discussions concerning a possible resolution; they did not reach agreement in their initial meetings.

Both parties agreed to continue discussions in the near future. In December 2015, Equity agreed to extend the use of the Transitional 99 Seat Code for a period of time commensurate with the duration of the continuing discussions. That extension agreement continues in effect. While the discussions are ongoing, the plaintiffs will not serve the complaint in the Asner litigation. Additional details of the extension agreement and the continuing dialogue are confidential.

It is the parties’ desire to conduct these ongoing discussions in a confidential manner, and they have agreed to a media blackout while talks continue.

Steven J. Kaplan
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@ This Stage Staff

@ This Stage Staff