The Subtext - Brian James Polak

The Subtext. Episode 8: Padraic Duffy

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A podcast where playwrights talk to playwrights about the things usually left unsaid. In a conversation that dives into life’s muck, we learn what irks, agitates, motivates, inspires and — ultimately — what makes writers tick. 

In this episode, Brian talks to Padraic Duffy; parent, playwright, and Managing Director of Sacred Fools. They discuss growing up in Tarzana, following your fear, and the bathroom habits of raccoons as Padraic sends loving text messages to his wife.

Padraic DuffyAs a playwright, PADRAIC DUFFY has worked at theaters throughout L.A., including The Met Theater, The Echo Theater Co., Sacred Fools Theater Co., Theater of Note, Cypress College, The Road Theatre, Ensemble Studio Theatre LA, and Center Theatre Group. His full-length plays include Tym & Brizz, The Illustrious Birth of Padraic T. Duffy, Feet, The Mechanical Rabbit, Tell the Bees, Something is Hidden Inside the Couch, Beaverquest: The Musical!, Puzzler, and Past Time, which will receive its world premiere at Sacred Fools in February 2016. He is currently a member of the Playwright’s Union and The Sacred Fools Theater Company, serving as the Managing Director of the latter. For more info, please visit and follow him on Twitter @duffy_padraic.

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Brian James Polak

Brian James Polak

Brian is originally from New Hampshire and he has a tattoo to prove it. Some of his plays have been published in Smith & Kraus anthologies, and his embarrassing childhood poetry has been published in Mortified: Love is a Battlefield. He is a member of The Playwrights Union and received his MFA from the USC School of Dramatic Arts. Go to to learn more about his work. Follow him on Twitter @bejaypea.