The Kilroys Kill Us With Cake, Creativity, Coolness

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This happened yesterday, and we couldn’t help but to cheer from a distance.

From the Kilroys’ website:

On November 19, 2015, thirteen theaters around the country were surprised with cakes to honor the efforts they are making to produce women and trans* writers. Stealthy artist allies delivered the cakes, which featured the names of playwrights the theater or festival is producing this season. As a gesture of solidarity, pizzas and beer also went out to the industry leaders at The Women’s Project Theater who have been feeding artistic ambitions for nearly four decades.

What an incredible (and inventive) way to show support for these forward-thinking theatre companies. We thought we might do a quick summary of the day with some short Storifys.

(To learn more about the work the Kilroys are doing to promote gender parity in the theatre, visit their website and follow them on Instagram and Twitter. We’re huge fans, and you should be, too.)


Mandi Moss

Mandi Moss

Mandi's been acting, producing, scenic painting, costume designing and directing in Los Angeles since the early 2000's with a particular interest in new works and creative storytelling. She’s a former member of Theatre of NOTE and a current member of Sacred Fools Theater Company. She’s also a proud professional clown and the Managing Editor of @ This Stage.