Local Shows Head to Edinburgh for Fringe

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Fringe season has come to a close in Los Angeles, but it’s just getting fired up in Scotland! Here are a few of the L.A. shows that have jumped the pond. If you’re Fringe-ing over there, you can still support theatre in Los Angeles by checking out these shows. (Break legs, L.A. artists!)


  • WaitLess: A Backwards Love Story

    Shelly and Trent, a young couple in love, have made it out of the American South to New York City and everything seems to be going well… until Trent gets the offer of a lifetime.

    Says actor Andrew Boyle,

    “In some ways, it’s felt as if to me, we’ve been building the show in a fog. And by that I mean, as we have rehearsed over the months, there’s been numerous emails going back and forth to the venue in Scotland, getting dimensions, determining what we will have or not have as a working space, or making cuts to the script due to time constraints. Therefore, as the piece has been staged, we have assembled several “Plan B’s” should one or another option not work out. At the same time, two of our team members, our stage manager, Juli Figueroa, and actress Jessica Moreno whom I work opposite, have both been to the Fringe a few times, and so I find myself leaning on their experience, as our map out of that fog. TV legend Ted Lange as our director stitches it, and us, together. What has emerged is an exquisite dramedy, strong and tender, following two people who lose and find themselves as expats in London — while alternately running on a treadmill! All that in 50 min! We are excited for the Edinburgh audiences to takes this fantastic journey with us!”

Written by: Cailin Harrison
Directed by: Ted Lange
Performing at: Greenside Venue’s Jade Studio @ Royal Terrace


  • Big Shot, aka: This is Not the Godfather

    A vaudevillian theatrical collage inspired by The Godfather films and novel. Theatre Movement Baazar shakes down this iconic story to create a new work, echoing the source and investigating family dynamics, power, criminal behavior, and being an Italian American.

Directed and choreographed by Tina Kronis
Text by Richard Alger
Performing at: Bedlam Theatre


Whether Annabelle is navigating the tricky waters of acceptable behavior with her teenage son, being hounded by the AARP, realizing she’s aged out of her own Mrs. Robinson sex fantasy, or discovering her invisibility at a punk rock concert, this is the ultimate coming-of-middle-age story.

Says writer/performer Annabelle Gurwitch,

“I’m really wondering what audiences will think of the numerous cultural references in my play, as it’s a comedic meditation on middle age and many touchstones to things Americans relate to. I’m working on the script now, assessing if jokes need explanations or cutting!”

Written by: Annabelle Gurwitch
Directed by: Bart DeLorenzo
Performing at: Basic Mountain (Venue 106) ​@ 1a Hill Street


  • Filthy Talk for Troubled Times

    At a seedy bar in Anytown, USA, the frank exchanges between everymen (and everywomen) explore the innumerable varieties of American intolerance. A compelling look at the early thinking of celebrated playwright Neil LaBute.

    Says producer Andrew Carlberg,

    “We’ve fully transformed our space in to a theater.  Our lights and sound and sets have been loaded in and we couldn’t be more thrilled.  We’re now in tech and finding our voice in this venue and city.  We’re excited to start performances.”

Written by: Neil LaBute
Directed by: Matthew Lillard
Performing at: Basic Mountain (Venue 106) ​@ 1a Hill Street


  • Gruesome Playground Injuries

    From missing eyes to broken hearts, this darkly humorous drama by Rajiv Joseph highlights the intersections of two star-crossed lives as they chart a 30-year course of friendship, veiled emotions, and bodily harm.

Written by: Rajiv Joseph
Directed by: Larissa Kokernot
Performing at: Basic Mountain (Venue 106) ​@ 1a Hill Street

Mandi Moss

Mandi Moss

Mandi's been acting, producing, scenic painting, costume designing and directing in Los Angeles since the early 2000's with a particular interest in new works and creative storytelling. She’s a former member of Theatre of NOTE and a current member of Sacred Fools Theater Company. She’s also a proud professional clown and the Managing Editor of @ This Stage.