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Revisiting the The L.A. Subway Shakespeare Project

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Every now and then, we stumble across something worth sharing… that we’re totally late in the game in finding.

In 2013, Hassan Jamal (LA-based playwright and poet) produced the LA Subway Shakespeare Project, a web series featuring African American actors performing four to five-minute scenes from Shakespeare in various parts of Los Angeles. All the clips are black and white and take place in or around various metro stops throughout the city.

If you’re also a bit behind the times, check out the series on YouTube. The one above is from King John and is set at the Leimert Park Crenshaw Metro Station. If King John isn’t your bag, here are some more options.
[one_half]The Merchant of Venice
The Merry Wives of Windsor
The Winter’s Tale

Gender-Conscious Casting

Gender-conscious casting practices that revive the classics for a queer and trans community of artists. And though these casting practices directly represent LGBTQ+ artists and audiences, their impact reaches everyone.

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