Mandi Moss

Mandi Moss

Mandi's been acting, producing, scenic painting, costume designing and directing in Los Angeles since the early 2000's with a particular interest in new works and creative storytelling. She’s a former member of Theatre of NOTE and a current member of Sacred Fools Theater Company. She’s also a proud professional clown and the Managing Editor of @ This Stage.

The 4 Fringeiest Venues of 2015

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With all the traffic flowing in and out of LA’s intimate theatres during the Hollywood Fringe Festival, we thought we’d take a look at the top four venues tackling the greatest number of shows. We’ve also picked out a sampling at each space, in case you want to do Fringe venue-buffet-style. (And yes, we’ve dubbed these venues “the fringeiest.”)

4. The Lounge Theatre

the lounge theatre
6320 Santa Monica Blvd.

Number of Shows: 25
Number of Theatres: 2
Seating Capacity: 49 & 46 seats

What’s Playing?

  • Anna, In The Darkness. A small town teacher is barricaded in her house as an angry mob gathers, howling for blood and justice. This haunting psychological thriller will have you pondering what is real and what is delusory up until the very end. West Coast premiere.
  • Indians In A Box: Stories From The Indian Boarding School. Based on first-person narratives, videos, and historical documents, this collection of stories depicts the reality and repercussions of the American Indian Boarding School system from the late 1800s to the present, the effects of which can still be felt today.
  • The Last Known Recording Of The Lovely Lenore Sisters. The inseparable Lenore Sisters kept their harmonies tight from the vaudeville circuit to the recording studio. But their tune changed after the suspicious death of their promoter. Did one of the sisters get away with murder? Each sister tells her version of their fall from fame in words and song.

Find a full list of the Fringe shows at The Lounge Theatre here.

3. Actors Company

Actors Company
916 N. Formosa Ave.

Number of Shows: 27
Number of Theatres: 3
Seating Capacity: 80, 55, and 22 seats

What’s Playing?

  • The Blacks: A Clown Show. The Blacks is a lyrical, ritualistic farce. In this play within a play, an all-black troupe experiences the plight of the individual vs. group mentality. Do you see someone as they truly are, or how you’ve depicted them to be based on an idea?
  • Old Friends. Based on the book 40 Crazy Years of Friendship by Richard Hulse, this story is of one man’s journey in dealing with the unexpected death of his best friend. They are reunited in the best friend’s burnt condo to take a walk down the path of remembrance and reconciliation to the demons within.
  • The Video Games. Each cartridge must offer up one champion. Each champion, willing or not, is brought to an uncharted system and forced to engage in player vs. player until only one can claim the title of Player One. This melee shall be known as The Video Games.

Find a full list of the Fringe shows at The Actors Company here.

2. The Complex

The Complex
6468-6476 Santa Monica Blvd.

Number of Shows: 68
Number of Theatres: 6
Seating Capacity: 42, 49, 49, 55, 30, and 55 seats

What’s Playing?

  • Catalyst. Loft Ensemble presents Catalyst: a story of six young women who embark on a journey to consume their addiction before it consumes them. Recovery may not be easy, but it’s always worth it. Written and Directed by April Morrow.
  • The Brazen Booties’ Present: Booties’ Playhouse. Get ready for a titillating variety show that revisits your favorite childhood animated classics, performed with cheeky style and flair. You will be dazzled by cartoon burlesque, dynamic drag, amazing aerial, playful pole, & sultry singing as you explore the delights of the Booties’ Playhouse!
  • Dear Hollywood: A Modern Day Actress From a Bygone Era. Looking to Judy Garland, Charlie Chaplin, and Buster Keaton as spirit guides, a young woman works to overcome the complications of reality as she pursues her “Old Hollywood” dream. An inspirational solo performance show with a silent film twist.

Find a full list of the Fringe shows at The Complex here.

1. Theatre Asylum

6320 Santa Monica Blvd.

Number of Shows: 79
Number of Theatres: 5
Seating Capacity: 40, 28, 99, 80 and 70 seats

What’s Playing?

  • Nigerian Spam Scam Scam. “I need help to transfer $100 million from Bank of Nigeria!” We’ve all gotten the e-mail, but actor Dean Cameron wrote back! This hit show (“Screamingly funny; like Larry David on happy dust”–Los Angeles Times), documents his hilarious 11-month correspondence with one bewildered Nigerian.
  • Alien Vs. Musical. What happens when the world of musical theatre meets the most terrifying and destructive alien in cinema history? Alien Vs. Musical is the brand new show that will find its way to your heart… literally!
  • Shakespeare(ish). It’s twisted love poetry on the edge of madness and merriment –a sword fight with masked kings, prophesying puppets, and singing clowns. The Rogues bring their “whirligig of ferocious creativity” (LA Weekly) to remix Shakespeare’s iconic scenes and make the Bard roll over in his grave.
  • IamI. IamI is a play that places Heaven in outer space. It is a multimedia dreamscape that illuminates the complexities of death by unifying sacred themes, the animalistic nature of humanity, and the scientific perspectives of academia. IamI features completely original content including an elaborate musical underscore, astral projections, and experimental animations.

Find a full list of the Fringe shows at Theatre Asylum here.