Dani Oliver

Dani Oliver

Dani is the Editor of @ This Stage Magazine. She is an award-winning poet (Candace Silverman Memorial Scholarship, Virginia Middleton Creative Writing Award), theatre director, and journalist. She was previously the Editor of Daily BR!NK (dailybrink.com), and she holds a bachelor's degree in English and theatre from the University of Southern California, where she graduated magna cum laude. She is a proud member of the LA poetry collective, the WOMEN group, a Kahn Fellow, and an avid yogi. Find her on Twitter @DaniOliver.

LA STAGE TALKS is Back, Examines “Professionalism”

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LA STAGE Alliance is proud to announce the 2013 LA STAGE TALKS Series. Join us as we explore the cultural landscape in our region.

Events will include members of the creative community engaging in a moderated dialogue with each other and the attendees of the event (both in person and online). All TALKS are also planned to be livestreamed on LASTAGETimes.com.

Join us for our first TALK on Tuesday, March 19 at 7 pm.

Professionalism in the American Theater: What does it mean in Los Angeles and beyond?
Tuesday, March 19
7 pm-10 pm | RSVP

Co-hosted by Southern California Public Radio at KPCC’s Crawford Family Forum

What does professionalism mean in American theater? This is the question posed by a new national research study conducted by Yale University. Yale’s Michael Bateman will present the findings of this new study and speak with theater leaders about their place within the greater arts landscape of Los Angeles.

Audience members will be encouraged to lend their thoughts to the discussion of what it means to be a professional and how the concept of professionalism is evolving in the arts.

Speakers: Yale University Researcher Michael Bateman will join a slate of LA theater leaders to be announced. Moderated by Terence McFarland, CEO of LA STAGE Alliance.

KPCC’s Crawford Family Forum
474 South Raymond Ave
Pasadena, CA 91105

Future LA STAGE TALKS include:

Monday, April 22, 7 PM | RSVP
Artistic Philanthropy in Los Angeles: What motivates our philanthropists to support the theater?
Co-hosted by Native Voices at the Autry at the Autry Museum

Monday, June 24, 7 PM | RSVP
Religion and the Arts: How can they connect to one another — and what stops them?
Location TBD

Monday, July 1, 7 PM | RSVP
What Am I Hearing? The Aural Life of the Theater
Co-hosted by the Geffen Playhouse at the Geffen Playhouse

Tuesday, August 6, 7 PM | RSVP
Choreographic Transformation: How is dance created and integrated across styles and mediums?
Co-hosted by the LA County Arts Commission/Ford Theatres at [Inside] the Ford

**For more information, and to revisit last year’s TALKS, visit lastagealliance.com/talks.