99-Seat Producer Transition Committee Election Results

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On Tuesday, July 10, at a meeting of Los Angeles 99-seat theater producers, a motion was passed to elect a 14-member 99 Seat Producers’ League Transitional Committee. The election was completed on July 27, and the votes tallied on July 28.

The 14 new members of the Transitional Committee are:

Jenny Byrd, Brimmer Street Theatre Company
Gregory Crafts, Theatre Unleashed
Rick Culbertson, independent producer
Martha Demson, Open Fist Theatre Company
David Elzer, Demand Productions
John Flynn, Rogue Machine
Gedaly Guberek, Coeurage Theatre Company
Michael Kricfalusi, Celebration Theatre
David Mack, Watts Village Theater Company
JJ Mayes, Sacred Fools Theater Company
Matt McCray, Son of Semele Ensemble
Oanh Nguyen, Chance Theater
Michael Seel, Theatre @ Boston Court
Tim Wright, Circle X Theatre Company

LA STAGE Alliance congratulates all 14 new members of the committee, and thanks all 34 candidates for their willingness to serve and their dedication to intimate theater in Los Angeles.

A pdf of the results and the election monitors’ certification of the results is available HERE. Thank you to the monitors: Crescent McGlone, Crystal Diaz, Douglas Clayton, Hannah Logan, Judy Cobb, Ken Werther, Maria Paredes, Monica Jordan and Sarah Bedo.

The members of the transitional committee have been notified and will be meeting in the very near future, and will be in communication with the broader community about the next steps the committee takes.

If anyone has ideas or input they would like to communicate to the members of the new transitional committee in the short term, please contact the members of the committee directly, or email info@LASTAGEAlliance.com (or call the LA STAGE Alliance offices at 213-614-0556). The staff of LA STAGE will pass your thoughts or ideas along to the committee on your behalf.

The creation of the transitional committee and the voting process are described below:

The 99 Seat Producer Transitional Committee will consist of up to 14 professional producers in the 99-seat arena who will meet with producer representatives of the large and mid-sized theaters to form an exploratory committee. This exploratory committee will recommend by-laws and best practices to the entire body of professional theatereproducers for adoption and creation of a Greater Los Angeles Producers’ League, to be approved by the producing community at large.

It is understood that within a Producers’ League that includes theaters of all sizes, there would still be groups to address the specific needs of segments of the community (such as the 99 seat theaters). In addition, if the transitional committee determines that a League which includes larger theaters is not workable, the transitional committee has the ability to recommend the creation of a Producers’ League that is exclusively for 99-seat producers.

Intimate Theater producers were encouraged to nominate themselves for the available seats on the committee. To self-nominate, the producers had to submit the answers to some questions about their producing careers, a statement, and the endorsement (with another statement) from a fellow producer in the Los Angeles community. The producer also had to self-identify into one of three categories: producer from a staff-driven company, producer from a membership-driven company, or independent producer. These nominations were accepted from July 11 to July 19, and 34 candidates submitted themselves and were placed on the ballot.

The candidate profiles can all be viewed HERE.

On July 20, voting opened via electronic ballot to the community. Ballots were accepted through Friday, July 27, using the following instructions:

To vote, simply select 1 to 14 producers from the list of candidates below and submit the ballot. (You do not have to select 14 if you wish to select fewer.) If you wish, you may submit this form multiple times, as long as the total number of producers you select across all ballots does not exceed 14. Once you have submitted a ballot, you cannot change it or ‘take your vote back’ for a producer you had previously selected.

Each producing entity (organization, independent producer, etc) may select up to 14 candidates. If there are multiple producers with your organization, please agree on the candidates your organization would like to vote for, and submit this form once. If you are a producer who works with multiple organizations, you may submit a ballot for yourself as an ‘independent producer’, rather than ‘representing’ a particular company.

Voting closed on Friday, July 27, with exactly 300 ballots submitted by producers in the intimate theater community.

On Saturday, July 28, eight volunteer election monitors (who were not permitted to vote in the election) met at the offices of LA STAGE Alliance and tallied the votes, making sure that the rules were followed per the voting instructions. When the final voting scores were confirmed for each candidate, the top two vote recipients in each category (producers from staff-driven companies, producers from membership companies, and independent producers) were seated on the transitional committee. After those six members were seated, the next eight top vote recipients (regardless of category) were seated in the remaining positions.

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