From Lagos to LA, Sahr Ngaujah Plays <i>Fela! </i>

Sahr Ngaujah, an American-born son of a father from Sierra Leone and an American mother, portrays the late Afrobeat star and political activist Fela Kuti in the Bill T. Jones-directed musical Fela!. After performances in New York (Tony nomination for best actor) and Fela’s home turf — Lagos, Nigeria — Ngaujah discusses working with Jones and the resonance of Fela  in today’s America, on the eve of tonight’s opening in LA. READ MORE

Million Dollar Friends

Throughout the Pasadena Playhouse’s recent bankruptcy, the Friends of the Pasadena Playhouse, an organization of volunteer workers, tenaciously kept the faith. They have done so since 1979, when the historic theater had been shuttered for nearly a decade. Some of the Friends discuss the details of that decades-long friendship. READ MORE