The Rude Mechs Return to LA and They’ve <br> <i>Never Been So Happy</i>

The Rude Mechs, that Texas-based group of collaborating theater artists, go West to the Kirk Douglas Theatre once again, following in the wake of their Method Gun. This time, they’re opening their first musical, AKA “a transmedia hootenanny” called I’ve Never Been So Happy. Dachshunds are expected to participate, and so will the audience during the intermission “shindig.” READ MORE

Anne Archer in the Court of Public Opinion

Anne Archer discusses her return to the stage as Jane Fonda in Terry Jastrow’s Jane Fonda in the Court of Public Opinion at Edgemar Center for the Arts, what playing Mrs. Robinson in The Graduate at 53 did for her sense of self and why human rights is a major issue in her life. READ MORE