When Gritty Meets Pretty:<br> Gary Lennon’s <i>The Interlopers </i>directed by Jim Fall

In conversation, playwright and screenwriter Gary Lennon speaks softly and philosophically, with tremendous insight into the human condition. He speaks of a spiritual growth and a journey toward inner peace. But this journey has been extremely rough going, and his dramatic writing reflects the pain of his life experience with a tone that sounds diametrically opposed to his speaking voice.  READ MORE

FRINGE: Alien Finds A Home

Las Vegas, Nevada is not considered the theatrical capitol of the world.  Slot machines, poll dancers and $3.99 steak dinners certainly left a lot to the imagination especially for a young girl in the 80’s.  Fortunately, my high school, like most any other in America, would put on theatrical productions.  And by joining the cast, I was bit by the bug.  READ MORE

Directors Lab West 2011, Days 5-6

Each year the Lab chooses a theme around which all its sessions are based and a play around which many group workshops are organized. For 2011 the theme is “Exploring the Bigger Picture”Â and the play The Good Person of Szechwan. READ MORE