Hollywood Fringe Festival Returns for Second Year

011 marks the second year for The Hollywood Fringe Festival, and co-founder and Festival Director Ben Hill credits the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in Scotland as his principal inspiration.  “I’ve been attending Fringe Festivals all my life and always dreamed of founding one.”  READ MORE

FRINGE: <i>Actor Under Fire</i>

My journey began like most of us by being drafted, but a very smart recruiter convinced me that the Air Force had a special program for actors. “If you enlist in the Air Force you will be able to spend your duty time entertaining the troops.” Since I had worked in a professional summer stock theatre company and performed extensively in  plays in college I fancied myself an actor. Unfortunately, I didn’t read the fine print which said that I first had to go to Viet Nam and serve in active duty for one year. READ MORE

FRINGE: Sometimes Theater Is <i>Not </i>for Everyone!

This year at the Hollywood Fringe Fest, I am going to be premiering my one man show Life in the Middle Ages. Even as I go through the machinations of staging the production, the question I ask myself almost constantly is, what the hell am I doing!?  READ MORE

Survivors and Immigrants in Four Midsize Theaters

The aftermath of the Cambodian genocide is treated in the Colony’s Year Zero, set among Cambodian Americans in Long Beach, and Extraordinary Chambers at the Geffen, set in Cambodia with America looming large in the background. Immigrants from rural or suburban environments to big American cities are also featured in The Old Settler at International City Theatre and Krunk Fu Battle Battle at East West Players. READ MORE

RADAR L.A.: <i>The Car Plays</i>: L.A. Stories for Moving Arts

In my second year as artistic director of Moving Arts, I was challenged to keep an ensemble company artistically motivated due to the loss of our theater home.  I began looking for ways to produce and self-generate new work regardless of space.  My response was the creation of The Car Plays, an environmental event of 15 short plays simultaneously performed inside of parked cars with actors and patrons sitting side by side in the front or backseats.  READ MORE

Arney Tastes Chicago’s <i>Superior Donuts</i>

Over the past decade, Geffen Playhouse artistic director Randall Arney hasn’t tried to create an LA version of his Chicago alma mater, Steppenwolf Theatre, at the Geffen. But his latest Geffen staging is the West Coast premiere of one of Steppenwolf’s greatest hits, Tracy Letts’ Superior Donuts.READ MORE

Incoming Theater Sighted on RADAR L.A.

The RADAR L.A. festival, June 14-18, will bring theater from 15 companies — international as well as local — to three venues, in conjunction with the Theatre Communications Group conference. It takes place at REDCAT, LATC, Kirk Douglas Theatre and Los Angeles Street Loft. READ MORE

RADAR L.A.: <i>Brewsie and Willie</i>

For the last 10 years I have searched for the appropriate context in which to mount a theatrical version of Gertrude Stein’s last work, Brewsie and Willie.  This novel in dialogue form about G.I.s in post-WWII Europe is a poignant evocation of the fragility of these young soldiers as they are about to re-enter civilian life in the United States. READ MORE

From Dawn to Bark: A love story with four paws

Me. New Years Eve. We’re having a party and I’m hiding in the kitchen, depressed by the happy people invading my house.  I get like that when I haven’t worked for a while. Brain shuts down, tear ducts on over-drive, the meaning of life eludes me. READ MORE