Evangeline Ordaz Walks the Borders Between Art and Community

Evangeline Ordaz, an attorney as well as a playwright, addresses hot-button issues in her plays such as Bordering on Love, a play that addresses both immigration and same-sex marriage within the context of a drag queen and his Latina stylist. It’s at Company of Angels, where Ordaz is also the president of the board. READ MORE

How <i>Moose on the Loose </i>Came To Be

Thunder Bay is a small, icy cold, snowy city on the northern shores of Lake Superior in Canada and it’s the place I was born.  My parents immigrated to this frozen tundra from the balmy warmth of Calabria in southern Italy.  Once they arrived and found themselves in the middle of nowhere, like fish out of water, they asked themselves, “What have we done!?” But it was too late. They were stuck with their decision and they had to make it work. Going back to Calabria, where there was no work, was not an option.  READ MORE