Participants Needed for “The Double Double Sonnet Project” on April 16

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The Global Theatre Project (GTP) is looking for theater artists and residents of all ages, ethnic and religious backgrounds and sexual orientations to participate in the “Double Double Sonnet Project, “ on April 16 at the Los Angeles Theatre Center (LATC). From 9 AM to noon, 100-300 participants will create a group theatrical presentation in partnership with the Stratford-Upon-Avon Shakespeare Birthday Festival.

Attendees will perform a witches’ scene from Macbeth and Shakespeare’s Sonnet 116 while being filmed by Cal State Long Beach students. The performance will be posted on YouTube and screened in Stratford at the official birthday celebration on April 30th. Last year the Global Theatre Project staged and filmed a nine-language balcony scene of Romeo and Juliet in a palazzo in Florence, Italy.

“In combining the witches scene with Sonnet 116, we are going to not only have a wonderful time, but we are going to make a creative statement about the state of the world at this moment,” says Bari Hochwald, GTP founder. “The ‘Double Double’ section will feel like the protests that are going around the world right now. Then we will transform that feeling into what I personally feel is the only answer to the human condition, which is love.  That is why the last image of the video will be hundreds of people holding signs with the word ‘Love’ on it, in the over 200 languages spoken here in the Los Angeles area.”

No prior experience is required as the material will be performed using scripts. A video message from the Stratford-Upon-Avon Birthday Committee shot in Shakespeare’s birthplace garden will be shown to LA participants prior to the ‘performance’ thanking them for being part of the celebrations. Name actors are currently being approached to play Macbeth, Hecate and the Second Witch.

A meeting for theater artists who are interested in running community rehearsals will be held weekly. The next meeting is Wednesday, March 30. Those who would like to help create and participate in the rehearsal process or work with community members, or who are teaching artists of students from elementary to university and would like their classes involved should contact Hochwald at Information on rehearsal dates and times, as well as the performance location and schedule can be found by visiting: or on Facebook at!/pages/The-Global-Theatre-Project/148849225166517

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