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LA STAGE Alliance is a non-profit arts service organization dedicated to building awareness, appreciation, and support for the performing arts in Greater Los Angeles.

Los Angeles Theaters Lend Voice
to Growing International Effort

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Audience members take the stage to send a video message of support to people of Belarus at Global Theatre Project

On February 25, The Global Theatre Project inaugurated its work in Los Angeles with a weekend that brought together LA theater artists, audience members and students in support of the members of Belarus Free Theatre who have called on their fellow artists to help end the suppression of freedom in their country, which has been called the “last dictatorship of Europe.”

The wave of American support began in New York and Chicago, in the collaborative support of their theater communities to help extend the visas of the Belarus Free Theatre members by offering them performance opportunities.  The Global Theatre Project brought Los Angeles into the movement with a live event at LATC and then the filming of several theater organizations and artists lending statements of support to their Bellarussian colleagues.  The filming was done by students of Cal State Long Beach.

The cross-section of Los Angeles theaters included Ghost Road Company, the Will Geer Theatricum Botanicum, the Actors’ Gang, Eclectic Company Theatre, Open Fist Theatre, Jewish Women’s Theatre, Celebration Theatre, the Road Theatre, Theatre Unleashed, Zoo District, Absolute Theatre, Fierce Backbone Theatre and Cedarburg Productions.

Part 1:

Part 2:

The actors who performed in the reading of Being Harold Pinter also addressed the Belarussian people just prior to their performance.  These included John Sloan, James Cromwell, Ed Harris, Lily Knight, Eric Pierpoint and Tessa Thompson:

John Sloan, Ed Harris, Lily Knight, James Cromwell, Global Theatre Project Artistic Director Bari Hochwald, Eric Pierpoint and Tessa Thompson performed

In addition, many of the audience members at LATC came down to the stage to send a message to the Belarus people.  And American students from UCLA met with a young Belarussian student  who was looking to find a way to express her anguish productively on campus.  They will be creating a joint event in the fall.

For further information on The Global Theatre Project’s work with Belarus Free Theatre visit And visit to learn more about the cause.

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