Los Angeles Theaters Lend Voice <br> to Growing International Effort

The Global Theatre Project brought Los Angeles into the Belarus Free Theatre movement with a live event at LATC and then the filming of several theater organizations and artists lending statements of support to their Bellarussian colleagues.  The filming was done by students of Cal State Long Beach.  READ MORE

Tragedy Wrapped Inside of Comedy

Suicide isn’t funny. But when I was hired to direct the West Coast premiere of Edward Anthony’s Wish I Had a Sylvia Plath for Rogue Machine Theatre, I was indeed asked to generate a production where the tone of one woman’s journey toward suicide could be, at times, lured away from its tragic core and exist in a place of comedy.  READ MORE

Roger Kumble and His <i>Girls Talk </i>About a New Play

Brooke Shields is dropping f-bombs. It’s hard to tell if they’re in the script or if she just flubbed a line; it’s probably both. Alongside some other feisty femmes, she’s  rehearsing Girls Talk, a new comedy by Roger Kumble about Brentwood’s status-conscious power moms. READ MORE

An Italian American Indian

Before Geronimo died he was permitted to write his memoirs. As I studied them I started to feel related to him. I felt his stories as if they were mine, his feelings as if they were mine. I started writing down feelings and stories from my own life and realized although we are from totally different times and heritages our stories sounded the same. So began the journey of An Italian American Indian.  READ MORE

The End of a <i>Crooked Road</i>

What I love most about our Streetlamp Studio theater company is that it has become a gateway for honest and relational interaction within the neighborhood of South Central Los Angeles. All of our original plays begin within these conversations. In fact, our stories are taken from themes which are extracted from our community circles. It is our goal to provide a forum which will lead to a larger dialogue with the people of Los Angeles and, we hope, the greater populace of Southern California.  READ MORE

Stacy Keach Finally Tackles Willy Loman

No one can claim Arthur Miller’s Death of a Salesman is a comedy, yet classically trained actor Stacy Keach is looking for the comic moments within it.  Keach leads the cast of Miller’s play this week for LA Theatre Works. READ MORE