A Tennessee Williams House Built by Simon Levy

Simon Levy directs Tennessee Williams’ A House Not Meant to Stand at the Fountain Theatre in its West Coast premiere opening Feb. 26. He says, “This play, coming as late as it does in the Williams canon, is regarded by many critics as one of his problem plays. I don’t consider them problems so much as challenging.”  READ MORE

Steve Cisneros’ Phantom Projects for Young Adults

In Southern California the Phantom Projects Theatre Group has a long history of touring schools with important issue-driven productions. Over the past decade Phantom has developed a solid relationship with the La Mirada Theatre of the Performing Arts. The company has created youth programming while also building a broader based season to appeal to all ages.  READ MORE

<i>Pinocchio</i> Marks Deaf West’s 20th Birthday

“Once upon a time there was a piece of wood.”  That is a modest start for the classic tale of the world’s most famous fabricating puppet, first serialized in a magazine from 1880-1883 in Tuscany. Now Deaf West Theatre kicks off its 20th anniversary season with an adaptation by Lee Hall (the book writer and lyricist of Broadway’s hit musical Billy Elliot) of The Adventures of Pinocchio.  READ MORE