Ovation Nominee Profile:
Hugo Armstrong

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Hugo Armstrong is a 2008/2009 Ovation Nominee in the Featured Actor in a Play category for his work in THE LAND OF THE TIGERS with Sacred Fools and Burglars of Hamm, in association with Frantic Redhead Productions.   He received an Ovation Award in this category in 2007 for his performance in BLEED RAIL.

As an Ovation Award Nominee, LA Stage asked Hugo the following questions:

What was the moment that first inspired you to pursue working in the theatre?

I can’t remember. I was probably tricked into it.

What do you feel made the production you were nominated for particularly successful, either overall or for you specifically?

The Burglars of Hamm.

What project or projects are you currently working on?

I’m writing something with a friend.

What do you love most about theatre in Los Angeles?

It’s raw and ready and the building blocks are right there at your feet. Other places are imitations of other places or museums of themselves, but L.A. is still unmade. It’s still frontier. It’s culture is alive as it’s built and torn down and built again. I saw Poor Dog’s “The Internationalists” last week and got so stoked I had to hang around the theatre for awhile before I could leave. It’s made out of punk scraps and pencil shavings and booze and is it’s own ecstatic truth. Like it or not, there it is. L.A. has that sh*t by the gallon, in as many different forms and styles as you can think of, if you bother to look. We have an edge here that doesn’t quite exist in the same way anywhere else because we recreate the whole scene every time. Every show I see in L.A. is L.A. theatre. No matter how I feel about it, it all belongs. It’s a mad beautiful freedom. And sometimes it hurts like hell, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. The gift of being in the E pluribus unum pilot’s seat on a giddy little ditty into the absolute unknown, just dancing, right out there on the tip of it all? That’s just rad.

What’s your dream project?


BIOGRAPHY: HUGO ARMSTRONG’s theatre credits in Los Angeles include plays at UCLAlive, The Kirk Douglas Theatre, Sacred Fools, Electric Lodge, REDCAT, Ghost Road, Theatre of Note, The Powerhouse, The Boston Court, and with Burglars of Hamm.  He has performed on the East Coast at The Quantum Theatre, The Kitchen and at The Kennedy Center in “Onionheads” (Best New Play) where he received an Irene Ryan Acting Award nomination.  In 2007, Armstrong received the Ovation Award for Best Supporting Actor in the play “Bleed Rail” at The Boston Court.  His film credits include “Voice on the Line” (premiering at this year’s Sundance Festival), “Nanking” (which premiered at Sundance in 2007), the multi-award winning “Weak Species”, “Political Disasters”, and “Christmas Nightmare”, as well as numerous other shorts.  He was also executive producer on the documentary “Char-ac-ter” (which premiered at this year’s Santa Fe Film Festival). Armstrong’s television credits include MONK, Mystery ER,  and the pilot for Xira.  He has collaborated as a performer for artist Catherine Sullivan in “Five Economies”  at the Armond Hammer Museum, for Daniel Martinico in “Safe Way” at the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art,  and for Brody Condon in “Death Animations” at Machine Project in Echo Park.  Armstrong is a graduate of Cal Arts.

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Doug Clayton

Doug Clayton