Ovation Nominee Profile:
Cody Henderson

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Cody Henderson is a 2008/2009 Ovation Award Nominee for Sound Design – Intimate Theatre for his work in Land of the Tigers at Sacred Fools Theatre with Burglars of Hamm associated with Redhead Productions.

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As an Ovation Award Nominee, LA Stage asked Cody the following questions:

What was the moment that first inspired you to pursue working in the theatre?

Putting on plays in my backyard as a kid.

What do you feel made the production you were nominated for particularly successful, either overall or for you specifically?

Tigers. Definitely tigers.

What project or projects are you currently working on?

Writing a play for the LA Philharmonic’s Symphony for Youth, “The Four Seasons”

What do you love most about theatre in Los Angeles?

You can take risks and not fall too hard because the people who see you understand — or don’t even notice.

What’s your dream project?

“Land of the Tigers” on a cruise ship.

Biography: CODY HENDERSON is a playwright, actor, and musician.  His plays include COLD/TENDER (Theatre @ Boston Court), CARROTS FOR HARE (Powerhouse Theatre with the Ghost Road Co.), PACIFIC DAYLIGHT (Theatre of Note), THE LAWN (Ojai Playwrights Conference), and THE BEAUTY OF CONSENT (in development).  He is currently writing a play for the LA Philharmonic, “The Four Seasons” Symphony for Youth to be performed in January 2010 at Disney Hall.  As well as doing sound, he was also seen performing in LAND OF THE TIGERS (Burglars of Hamm at Sacred Fools & The Lost Studio).  MFA in playwriting and a BFA in acting from CalArts.  A member of the Dog Ear Playwrights: www.dogear.org.

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Doug Clayton

Doug Clayton