Ovation Nominee Profile:
Carolyn Almos

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Carolyn Almos is a 2008/2009 Ovation Award Nominee for Playwriting for an Original Play for her work LAND OF THE TIGERS, at Sacred Fools Theatre with Burglars of Hamm associated with Redhead Productions. She was previously nominated in 2004 for Best World Premiere Musical for her work FOCUS TODAY.

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As an Ovation Award Nominee, LA Stage asked Carolyn the following questions:

What was the moment that first inspired you to pursue working in the theatre?

I can’t remember a moment- it was always something I wanted to do. I remember directing some awful show in 5th grade and having to break up a kickball game to get my cast back inside to rehearse. I also am ashamed to watch old home movies, because I am always performing.

What do you feel made the production you were nominated for particularly successful, either overall or for you specifically?

This is a tough one – I have no idea what makes something work or not work. I will say I think the four of us Burglars have a very cool collaboration going on where it’s always about what’s best and what’s funniest, and not about getting your own stuff in. I think we try to write what we would like to see, and hopefully other people will feel the same way. I think our play would not be getting the attention it is without the tremendous contribution of our cast and designers and Matt as director – we were very lucky to get such a great team together for our dumb tiger play.

What project or projects are you currently working on?

Taking a breather.

What do you love most about theatre in Los Angeles?

Community. Variety. Irreverence.

What’s your dream project?

I don’t really have one. I have lots of opportunities to be creative as an actress and writer both in and out of the Burglars. However, if I could make my living solely by writing, working and touring with the Burglars, that would be a dream come true.

Biography: Carolyn Almos has been writing with Burglars of Hamm since 1998, collaborating on eight world-premiere plays including RESA FANTASTISKT MYSTISK, EASY TARGETS and the Ovation-nominated musical FOCUS TODAY. In addition to playwriting, Carolyn is an actress – recent roles include Lady Macbeth and Miss April in KEN ROHT’S 99 CENT CALENDAR GIRL COMPETITION. Carolyn teaches acting and dramatic literature at Loyola Marymount University and El Camino College. Carolyn is a graduate of Whitman College and California Institute of the Arts, where she met the other Burglars.

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Doug Clayton

Doug Clayton